Join the dozens of motivated volunteers who generously contribute their time and energy to the Peace & Justice Center community.

Whether it’s helping out in our Fair Trade Store, raising awareness about upcoming events by distributing flyers, or lending an extra hand during our events, the Peace & Justice Center is helped tremendously by the generosity of our local community. We welcome highly-motivated volunteers who display passion for our people-driven mission and the products we sell.

For more information or questions concerning volunteering at the Peace & Justice Store, please call Aris Garcia, our Volunteer Coordinator at (802) 863 – 2345 x 7. Feel free to come see us on the Burlington Waterfront.

Attend a New Volunteer Orientation Meeting

New volunteers will learn a little bit about the history of the Peace & Justice Center and all of our current state-wide projects. We’ll also talk a little bit about how volunteers can use their skills and interests to help the PJC achieve its mission in the community. Each orientation session lasts approximately one-half hour. Join  us after the orientation for a PJC Public Presentation!

Our Volunteer Coordinator holds monthly volunteer orientations.  All New Volunteer Orientations appear on our PJC Events page.

Please contact Aris Garcia at [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

Make Origami Boxes

The Peace & Justice Store could use your help making origami boxes that we can use in the store.

Here are the directions. Use a square of paper that is between 5″ and 8″ square. Use paper that has some substance to it. Magazine covers, wrapping paper scraps, old date book pictures — be creative!

See a bigger image for details

Origami Boxes