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Economic Revolution

Every product you consume is brought to you by human hands. From planting seeds or manufacturing, to packaging and imports, to the employee stocking shelves in your local grocery store. But what if you found out that those hands were being forced to work? What if your favorite chocolate company relies on child labor for harvesting their cocoa? Or that the factory workers sewing your clothes are harassed in their workplace? Or farm workers growing your food are fired for becoming pregnant?

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of accountability for large corporations that control industries of mass production.

This is why we are committed to providing alternatives to exploitative trade systems known for exploitation and human rights abuses.

In our retail and online store, our products reflect and support the mission of the Peace & Justice Center. Therefore, we focus on fair trade, local, and educational products. We partner with small producers in the Global South, and actively work to cultivate long-term trading relationships as a way to alleviate poverty, ensure human rights, and protect the environment.

This unique shopping experience will bring you closer to the humans who make your products and inspire you to engage in the economic revolution


US Sherpa

US Sherpa has been selling products to the Peace and Justice Store for 15 years or more. Infact Peace & Justice was our very 1st wholesale account, and they helped to inspire us to grow into the company we are today!


Denur Crafts

Working with Peace and Justice over the years has helped us send more than 20 Kenyan children to school who otherwise would not have received an education. Their continued support over the years has been priceless. We love working with them.


Peak Macaya Coffee

My name is Pievy Polyte as well I’m the owner of Peak Macaya Coffee and the founder Of Peak Macaya Coop. Peace & Justice Center is the partner number one of Peak Macaya coffee and Peak Macaya Coop.

Our Commitment

Since 1983, our store has functioned as an economic justice program. Through education and participation in the Fair Trade Movement, we shed light on exploitative production industries that rely on modern slavery, marginalization, and dehumanization.

We believe that people and the planet should always come before profit, which is why we are committed to providing an ethical way to consume. Our goal is to bring you closer to incredible artisans and growers around the world, local Vermont artists and authors, and a better understanding of social justice movements.

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Standard shipping anywhere in the USA.

Orders are sent out twice per week. You will receive tracking updates via email when your order is being processed. 


Our storefront is located in the beautiful Burlington waterfront area. You can find us to the left of Skinny Pancake. 

60 Lake Street
Suite 1C
Burlington VT 05401


  • Wednesday-Saturday
  • Sunday (Nov 21 – Dec 19)


  • CLOSED November 25 – Indigenous Heritage Month Observed
  • CLOSED November 26 – Buy Nothing Day
  • CLOSED December 25-Jan 4 – Winter Vacation