Education & Workshops

We offer a range of educational programs centered around our core issues of Social and Racial Justice.  We offer workshops and educational programs to private agencies and public communities. We are able to provide in-person and virtual programs.

Racial Justice Workshops

Racial Justice, Peace, and Fair Trade Workshops

Our participatory workshops combine presentation and facilitated group discussions support justice and peace-based work including racial, economic, and environmental justice as well as nonviolence and fair trade. These programs are offered to the public on an ongoing basis and are also available to organizations.

Book Discussions

Book Discussions and Film Screenings

We offer book discussions and film screenings to cultivate meaningful connection and conversation in our community around important, intersecting topics.

Ready to Request a Workshop?

Check out our Course Catalogue and Fee Schedule to find more details about what we offer.

If you are ready to begin planning with us, please submit a Program Request Form and we will follow up with you. 

Workshop Recording Policy

For all workshops and education programs, we have a no video or audio recordings policy. We strive to create a safe, supported, and confidential space for participants. The presence of a recording device can impact participants’ ability to share openly and vulnerably, therefore eroding the impact of the experience overall. Additionally, our workshops and educational programs are critical pillars of our financial stability and overall organizational sustainability.

*The exception to this policy is a one-time ongoing access fee for the recording with the consent of all participants present at the workshop. This recording is password protected and will only be used for educational purposes.


If you have questions please contact the Programming Team at or by calling 802-863-2345 x105.