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Denur Crafts is a small collective of artisans living in Nairobi, Kenya, who produce beautifully crafted jewelry. This collective is made up primarily of women who, through the collective, can meet their financial needs while working from home in supplement to their unpaid labor as homemakers. The vision of Denur Crafts is creating employment opportunities for mothers who have creative and artisan skills. The result is the expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry you see here.

  • Handcrafted
  • Stainless steel earring hooks
  • Trash to Treasure! These earrings are made from materials that would either be recycled or thrown out. Artfully crafted from aluminum and discarded cow bone & horn.

Because of the handmade and unique nature of these pieces, we cannot guarantee the exact size, shape, or color of the product you receive. We do have multiples of some items in stock, and will do what we can to accommodate requests (to make a request simply write a note in the checkout page specifying what you would like), but this is on a product to product basis and requests may be unavailable.

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Every product you consume is brought to you by human hands. From planting seeds or manufacturing, to packaging and imports, to the employee stocking shelves in your local grocery store. But what if you found out that those hands were being forced to work? What if your favorite chocolate company relies on child labor for harvesting their cocoa? Or that the factory workers sewing your clothes are harassed in their workplace? Or farm workers growing your food are fired for becoming pregnant?

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of accountability for large corporations that control industries of mass production.

This is why we are committed to providing alternatives to exploitative trade systems known for exploitation and human rights abuses.

In our retail and online store, our products reflect and support the mission of the Peace & Justice Center. Therefore, we focus on fair trade, local, and educational products. We partner with small producers in the Global South, and actively work to cultivate long-term trading relationships as a way to alleviate poverty, ensure human rights, and protect the environment.

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