Educational Programs

The PJC offers educational programs centered around our core issues of Racial Justice, Peace, and Fair Trade. Our programs include workshops, discussion groups, films, and other presentations offered to the public around the state. We also partner with groups such as schools, colleges, faith-based institutions, and businesses.

Example topics include:

  • Racial Justice – Seeing & Disrupting Racism, Talking with Kids About Racism, Privilege & Accountability for Aspiring Allies.
  • Fair Trade – Chocolate & Modern Slavery, Global Trade & Racism, The Banana Industry
  • Peace – Nonviolence 101, Children in Civil Rights Movement, Mindfulness for Activists.

We offer these programs intermittently as public events around Vermont. We would be happy to work with you to bring a workshop to your part of Vermont, place of work, or other community group. Most workshops are adaptable and can be combined.

We charge a fee for many of our publicly hosted programs. No individual is turned away from any of our our programs due to a lack of funds. People under 25 are not expected to contribute financially. We ask those who are able to pay full price or more for our programs to do so. This helps keep our programs financially accessible to all, regardless of income. Not sure if you should pay less, nothing, or more? View our public programming  Sliding Scale document to choose an amount that feel appropriate to you.

Request a Program

If you are interested in us bringing our programming to you, please look at the materials listed below and submit a Program Request Form. If you have questions please contact the Programming Team at: [email protected]  or by calling 802-863-2345 x105

Due to COVID we have moved all of our programs over to being online only for the time being. The program catalog above reflects the programs that we are currently able to offer online.