Peace & Justice Center Releases Report on Racism

After a year and a half, the Peace & Justice Center is happy to announce the completion and release of a new report “Racism in Vermont: A Community Assessment of the Challenges and Opportunities” that provides a partial survey of challenges and resources related to the issues of racial injustice in Vermont.

As many of you know, the PJC has long worked towards and fought for racial justice. However, over the past three years we have looked inward and worked to find our place in the struggle. With the passing of our own John Tucker and Larry McCrorey recently, we know that some of the strongest voices and champions for racial justice have passed on and now it is a struggle being passed onto a new generation of Vermonters.

The PJC looks forward to using this report not only to inform our work, but also to help all Vermonters better understand the needs, resources and gaps that exist in the struggle for racial justice here at home. We believe our report will add to the conversation about race in Vermont and be used as a resource as we all move forward to tackle structural and institutional racism and the challenges of educating about white privilege in a white state.

Read the full report and resource list here.