Ed Everts 1919-2013

Ed Everts, lifelong peace and justice activist, died this past Friday, May 10, 2013, a month short of his 94th birthday.

In September 2007, Serena Chaudhry, then PJC Executive Director, wrote this about Ed:

“Ed Everts fell into a lifetime of leadership and activism. In 1940, Ed Everts joined the military. In 1945, Ed fell from the sky when his plane was hit. His near death experience ultimately pushed him out of the military and inspired Ed’s belief that war is not the solution. This epiphany launched Ed into a life of social justice activism. In a California meat packing company he organized union workers and negotiated the complexities of racial justice and equity. Circumstances eventually brought Ed Everts to Vermont where he continued to agitate through becoming a member and avid supporter of the Peace & Justice Center and the Green Mountain Veterans for Peace as well as filming and producing 15 years of public access T.V. shows.

It is refreshing to see activism recognized and rewarded. Ed Everts was acknowledged in 1997 when he was honored as runner up for United Way’s Hometown Hero Award. It is nothing less than inspiring when celebrated leadership perseveres. Ed Everts persevered. He donated his U.S. Air Force pension to the Peace & Justice Center every month for 23 years. Swords into Plowshares!”

Ed was very generous to the Peace & Justice Center for many years and in many ways: with is heart and soul, his money and time, his songs and laughter, and wit and wisdom. He served on the board, many committees, and proofread the newsletter for countless years. The PJC would not have lasted as long or been the same organization without Ed Everts’ participation. Thank you, Ed.

This Link will take you to an interview with Ed that was printed in the Peace and Justice News in 1997.

His memorial service is June 29, Saturday afternoon at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington.