Compensate POC

Click here to contribute to our campaign to better compensate the people of color (POC) that work with the PJC and keep our work alive!

In recognition of the oppression that BIPOC are surviving, even while doing the work to address said oppression, we must increase their compensation. They are experts and as such should be given more money and generous benefits.

I don’t think it’s possible to fully compensate BIPOC for dealing with racism. But we could do a LOT better than we do. Click here to be part of this campaign.

We have lost staff members, board members, and facilitators because doing this work is toxic and we don’t offer (or pay enough for) the level of self care and healing that it requires. If we are to be a truly anti-racist organization, we need to be doing the internal work more rigorously than we do the external work.

If we do not increase pay and add benefits, it is unlikely that those who are most impacted by oppression will work at PJC long term.

Please help us reach the full matching donation of  $1,000 this month. Here are the things that money will support:

1. Wellness package for our staff members of color including Zumba, yoga, sauna, bodywork, and fitness classes

2. Increasd pay for all the POC we work with

3. Contracts with external POC leaders

4. Expansion of our Racial Justice Advisory Committee to pay for mileage, childcare, and wage compensation for POC who otherwise could not join us

Thank you for contributing to the PJC’s POC compensation packages.