CCTA Bus Driver Strike

Please join the Peace & Justice Center in solidarity with the Chittenden County Transportation Association’s organized bus drivers.

Please contribute to the Strike fund to help pay for literature, signs and a hardship fund.  Click here to contribute and please note that the money is to go to the CCTA strike fund.

Drivers are asking for basic rights that everyone understands: reasonable working hours, the security of full time work, and the right to collective bargaining in the face of management conditions that by many accounts include surveillance, bullying, and disrespect. Vermont needs more full time workers who can support families without having to juggle multiple jobs, not more part-time workers without benefits. Vermont and Burlington deserve drivers who can operate safely, without being pushed to the point of exhaustion or intimidation. We deserve a robust transportation system that helps us protect our environment, not one that undermines the principles of sustainability by devaluing the very workers who make it run.

When unionized drivers agree to strike in a unanimous vote, rather than accept the terms of a contract, despite the risks to their livelihoods and their families, it signals a deep concern for the existing working conditions.  We call on CCTA to deliver a fair contract to drivers.