Anna Guyton, Manager of Mission & Programs, Resigns from PJC

Anna has been with the PJC since October of 2010, when she moved to Vermont for this position. She managed the program of the Center through a rough year of transition for the organization.  In the short time she was on the staff, she significantly broadened our social media outreach, focusing on pressing local, national and global issues. She represented the PJC at a wide range of events and meetings, and organized, promoted, and staffed several PJC events. She reached hundreds of students through her presentations and workshops for classes ranging from elementary to university level. In addition to program work, she also took on marketing, development, economic research, volunteer coordination, and many other administrative tasks for the Center. She was a dedicated employee and passionate activist.  She has stepped down in order to pursue activism independently.  She plans to remain in the area and will be active in local campaigns including the No-Lockheed group. The Board of Directors wishes Anna the best in her pursuits and thanks her for her activism and service to the mission, the Center and the community.  A celebration and farewell to Anna is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th at 5:00 pm at the Center.  All welcome.