A Recordkeeping Crisis and How we Dug Out

-by Joshua Oyetubo, Operations Manager

Hello Vermont and Welcome to 2021! First, I would like to welcome all new members and readers and thank those of you who have renewed your commitment to support us in this new year!

In reflecting on this last year, I want to acknowledge some changes at PJC and celebrate progress made. I started working here in August as the Operations Manager when the organization was in a recordkeeping crisis. Due to office restrictions caused by coronavirus, the organization was functioning without an Operations Manager to oversee vital work regarding donations and recordkeeping. The resulting backlog required a lot of work.

To recreate the story of last year we had to dig deep! We did, and what a story it was! A story of resilience, community, and love.

We have had growth in our Allied Group program which has allowed us to come into further community with more Vermonters. This has been a wonderfully engaging experience, connecting with other advocacy and activist groups. to continue to co-create an inclusive financial culture rooted in economic, social, and racial justice.

We also were trusted by many local business and dozens of new members who donated money to us last summer when we were unable to respond with appropriate appreciation.

If you donated last summer and did not receive an acknowledgement, please know that you are appreciated, and your contribution kept us afloat. We will be sending these letters of gratitude shortly. We commit to do better with communication going forward.

I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for your patience, your support, and your solidarity.