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Interested in better understanding the current form of institutionalized racism in this country and how it relates to and evolved from the previous oppressive laws such as slavery and Jim Crow policies? Be sure to sign up for our “New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” book discussion group! To register fill out the form below and if you have questions please contact or call 863-2345 ext. 6.

PJC Kids’ Club: Asia, Saturday August 23rd 2-4pm

Ever dreamed of a world with no conflict, no injustice, no cruelty, no discrimination? We do, and we dream of that world everyday. This is why the Peace & Justice Center was created, and why we dedicate our work, time and energy toward the realization of a better world for everyone. The PJC believes in the importance of teaching our young ones about love, peace, and respect and this summer we have been doing so through a series of events with our PJC Kids’ Club “A Global Gathering” in which we explore and learn about different regions of our colorful world. After exploring the Americas, Africa, and Europe we are ready celebrate Asia and to host our very last event on Saturday August 23rd and you don’t want your kids to miss it! We are going to spend two hours playing fun games and activities with other children and a fun PJC staff! Our international guests have prepared fun and colorful crafting and outdoors activities that will be accompanied by a brief story of how they originated and are practiced in Asia. So bring your kids to the last event of this summer’s PJC Kids’ Club so we can build together that world we all dream of; a world where we leave behind the concept of a colorblind society and instead embrace and empower diversity! Our last and 4th event with the PJC’s Summer Club. This event if FREE and open to the whole community and we hope to see you and your family all there!