Yvonne Lory


My name is Yvonne Lory. I was born and raised in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, then in Montpelier. From a mixed heritage and low-income family, from a young age I became keenly aware of injustices. My family’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background continues to influence my life in many ways. During my childhood my parents managed to create meaningful travel opportunities, both domestically and abroad. Memorable experiences include being in Kenya, Cuba and Palestine. Owning and unpacking the privileges I hold is part of the process, and as important as recognizing barriers. My work and interests lie in the realms of economic, social and racial justice, women’s issues, and the needs of an aging population. These passions not only inform, but compliment my work at Capstone Community Action. I lived in the New York, Baltimore, MD, Portland OR, and now live in Barre.  

 As a member of the Peace and Justice Center, I am honored to be able to contribute as a Racial Justice Advisory committee member. This experience has provided a safe space as a person of color living in Vermont. PJC has provided me with ongoing educational opportunities and support navigating injustices that arise in day-to-day life.  I feel fortunate to be learning and working with a thoughtful and dedicated group of individuals.