Rachel Siegel
Executive Director

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Rachel Siegel


My first encounter with the Peace & Justice Center was in 10th grade, in 1985 when I rode a PJC bus to Washington, DC to protest the US military involvement in Nicaragua. 28 years later, in 2013, I was hired at the PJC. Between those years, I help start a radical cheerleading squad, an abortion fund, and programs to teach carpentry to middle school girls. I got sober. I did AIDs activism, protested corporate globalization, worked to address racism in the schools, taught pelvic exams to medical students, and served on the Burlington City Councilor as a Progressive Party member. I continue to explore my identities as a class-privileged, cis, white, Jewish, queer, witchy, woman, and use my social location as strategically as I can in my anti-oppression and pro-peace work. I garden, keep chickens, and chop wood for our wood stove. I have been blessed with my fabulous partner Jules and our children Gertie and Ira. As a mom, I feel a depth of connection to the power of the earth and all life that I cannot explain in words. In the past decade I have learned to love baseball, coached Little League for four years, and saw the overlap of economic justice work with sports in the Old North End (Burlington’s most racially diverse and poorest neighborhood). I continue my spiritual practice with daily prayer and meditation, creativity, and laughter. By working with others, to create a movement of movements, I keep hope alive.