Paij Wadley-Bailey

Paij Wadley-Bailey was the director of the Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team (VARAT) which maintains a hotline for complaints about racism in public schools. She also worked as the state director of Reading to End Racism (RER) an initiative to help eliminate racism through interactive personal and literary programs that educate and empower youth. Paij is responsible for developing the Lesbian & Gay Studies Program and Center at Goddard College, as well as serving as the first coordinator of the LGBTQA Services Program at UVM. Paij was an an anti-racism trainer and a diversity consultant. She identified as a “bull-dagger” as her ancestors were black women who, as cross-dressers, herded cattle and helped to “tame the wild west.” Once it was discovered that they were women their title “rodeo-ists” was changed, dropping the “o” and adding an “a” to denote they were female. [Paij passed on August 18, 2016.  Read about her life here. She remains listed as a PJC board member in memoria.