Jayna Ahsaf

My name is Jayna Ahsaf and I am a graduate of the University of Vermont. I received my Bachelor of Arts in political science while minoring in sociology. It was at UVM where my true passions were realized and my interest in social issues was sparked. My college education was a revelation to me – a revelation that the world has thousands of untold tales of oppression, that deep-rooted racism and prejudice are still prominent in society, and that we haven’t even begun to address some of the most robust modern manifestations of discrimination. My experiences as a gay woman of color also contribute to my desire to make changes to society that are reflective of all the different races, genders, sexualities, religions, and other underrepresented groups. I am very aware of how U.S. society favors and benefits one specific type of human and my everyday experiences enhance my understanding on how to best approach promoting inclusionary practices.

Presently, I work at Burlington High School. I created and independently run an after school college resource center. This work is especially important to me because I believe education is a key tool against generational oppression and can be used to empower the youth to overcome the structural barriers and obstacles barring them from success. Providing myself as a resource to help children of all backgrounds attend college has been one of the most rewarding opportunities. My experiences, personal and professional, have collectively given me wisdom and shown me differing perspectives of social injustice issues.