Chuck Brewer

My name is Chuck Brewer. I work as a community psychotherapist in Burlington.  After seriously flirting with the idea of a career as a priest, I decided that the role of a psychotherapist would be the most effective way I could help people discover how to live authentically. Anyways, I am a military brat so I was raised overseas during childhood and early adolescence. These global adventures have contributed to my understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism and more often than not I see the bonds that tie humanity together as opposed to highlighting those things that separate us. Both of my parents share a communitarian streak in them which is why my sense of self is similarly strengthened when volunteering in my community; the Greek conception of eudaemonia being applied to the community is definitely at play here, I would imagine. I really enjoy reading books on science these days but will read some philosophy on occasion. I also enjoy classical music, jazz, and the blues.