Anna Boesch

Anna’s background is in Nonprofit Leadership Studies, and she is currently the Assistant Director of Volunteer Services in the MOVE office at Saint Michael’s College.  She enjoys working with groups to bridge passion, longevity in the community, and systemic change. At Saint Michael’s, she has the opportunity to engage with students in a service to justice model. She is able to work with passionate students, who desire to dig deeper into the roots of injustice. What she loves most is when her presence is trusted in a moment of vulnerability and self-reflection. Anna appreciates spending time with folks who want to bring goodness into the world. She enters into all of her work believing in the words of Carolina De Robertis, “In a climate where bigotry is an explicit value of those in institutional power, speaking love is an act of dissent.”
Because there is rarely a chance Anna is not her authentic self, a few more facts are to follow. Anna is a yoga novice, avid knitter, religious education teacher, wife, and dog-mom.  She enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. Lastly, if she could have dinner with 4 people, it would be Eleanor Roosevelt, John Lewis, Michelle Obama, and her grandmother (Ba).