We are so delighted to welcome our Spring Interns to the Center this week! There is much work to be done and we are delighted to continue all that we do with the infused energy and meaningful perspectives of this entire team! Read below to hear about why these individuals have decided to give so much of their time to support the work of the Peace & Justice Center.

Pictured (left to right): Halle Apelgren, Chandler Loyd, Kira Nemeth, Sarah White, and Amanda Morelli. Not pictured: Alice Urbiel, Quinn DiFalco, and Josie Colt

“I joined the Peace & Justice Center because I want to do my part in encouraging peace through nonviolent activism at a time when ignorance and violence increasingly permeates everyday life.” – Kira Nemeth, Peace Work Intern

“As a senior at UVM, it is important to me that I am spending my last few months at school doing something worthwhile with my time. I want to help bring awareness to the community about fair trade, racial justice, peacework, and human rights and what better way to do so than through the Peace & Justice Center?” – Sarah White, Programming and Fundraising Intern

“I joined the Peace & Justice Center because I believe everyone has the right to a quality and dignified life. The organization strives for social justice both in a local and international context and greatly values intersectionality. PJC is about empowering others of oppressed and marginalized identities and, especially as someone who is a woman of color, all of this of great importance to me. I really look forward to working with them and actively making a change in today’s society.” – Amanda Morelli, Fair Trade Intern

“I decided to be an intern with the PJC Programming Team because I am passionate about racial, social, economic and environmental justice and want to increase awareness in the community to address these issues.” – Chandler Loyd, Programming and Fundraising Intern

“Locally and globally, I recognize the PJC as an integral piece of the pursuit of social justice. Holding this in mind, I joined the PJC as a way to strengthen my ties to Burlington’s local community with the aspiration of better understanding what my role will be in the creation of peaceful and just world.” – Josie Colt, Racial Justice Intern

“The day after the inauguration, many echoed the sentiment ‘Do not mourn, organize,’ and for the past year and a half as a volunteer with the Peace & Justice Center, I have seen the team do exactly that. I applied to be part of the PJC Programming Team so that I might be able to be part of this beautiful and motivational mechanism geared by education, love, and a deep and profound respect for the dignity of all human beings. I wanted to be part of the team that put together very hard and uncomfortable dialogues about the cycle of poverty perpetuated by free trade, institutional racism in our country, and peaceful conflict resolution, and part of the team that helps activists all over Vermont come together peacefully, with a humble dignity and fierce bravery, to protest, to educate or to be informed, to serve the community, to raise one another up, and to bring injustice to the forefront of our everyday lives.” – Quinn DiFalco, Fair Trade Intern

“I feel a strong urgency for activism today given the racist/sexist/homophobic sentiment that pervades current political rhetoric. I am excited to be a peace work intern at the PJC because I want to be involved in an organization that is committed to ending prejudices and injustices through education and community involvement.” – Halle Apelgren, Peace Work Intern

“I decided to be a Racial Justice intern because I am just beginning my racial awareness journey and I have so much to learn. The PJC seemed like the best place to learn, educate and grow in a space that is safe but also allows me to challenge myself and go deep into the complicated aspects of race and racism.” – Alice Urbiel, Racial Justice Intern