-Peter Lackowski, Seeds for Venezuela

In January I will be traveling to Venezuela with a delegation organized by William Camacaro, a Venezuelan-American activist whom Sharyl Green and I know well after several trips.

The United States government has created a humanitarian crisis through “sanctions,” in its effort to turn Venezuela back into a neo-colony.  People in the barrios and the countryside have responded with a massive effort to produce food. Seeds are a “bottleneck,” since the US blockade has cut off their normal sources, and it takes a whole growing season to produce your own. Our group will focus on food production by community organizations, both rural and urban, and the grass-roots eco-socialist communes that are leading the effort.  We will deliver urgently needed vegetable seeds.

There are two ways that you can participate in this endeavor.

First, the seeds: We successfully sent bundles of seeds with a previous tour, with the help of the Burlington Peace and Justice Center, which is once again accepting (tax deductible) donations to buy seeds. Be sure to indicate that your donation is for “Seeds to Venezuela.” Send it to Peace and Justice Center: 60 Lake Street, Burlington VT 05401, or visit their website.

Second, the delegation: I was in Caracas last May. I saw that while life is difficult, Venezuelan society has been remarkably resilient. Communes, both urban and rural, product of decades of self-organization, have had a big role in supplying basic needs. People have been able to keep society functioning, and alternative networks of producers and consumers are forming. Socialism of the twenty-first century is accelerating under siege; an alternative economic system is being created from the bottom up as Venezuelans resist the efforts of the United States government to starve them into submission.

We will meet people eager to express their opinions to North Americans; they want the world to know. William has an astonishing range of contacts and access. There is optimism over a possible arrangement with elements of the opposition to replace Juan Guaidó when his term as President of the National Assembly expires January 5, soon after we arrive. We will meet key people as this story unfolds.

This delegation is an opportunity to see a revolution in process. Join us if you can! But in any case, please pass this invitation on to anyone you know who might be interested—journalists, scholars, activists, revolutionaries, farmers, ecologists, socialists…

I would be very happy to answer questions about travel in Venezuela: how to get there, money, visas, security, whatever. Contact me. My email is [email protected] and my phone is 802 881 3293. Note the dates, prompt action is essential.