Join us in supporting a Burlington showing for the Global Vigil hosted by Border of Lights (  We will meet in front of the Peace & Justice Center to remember the 1937 Haitian Massacre where thousands of Haitians and their Dominican-born descendants were murdered in what the US Ambassador in Santo Domingo, R. Henry Norweb, described as “a systematic campaign of extermination.”

September 30th, 7:00pm at the Peace & Justice Center.


The PJC showing is in conjunction with the event on Hispaniola, with words from author Julia Alvarez:
          Once again we are gathering at the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti for Border of Lights 2017.  This year will be a big one: after five years, we are erecting a memorial at the border—with the Dominican Republic and Haiti contributing on this 80th year anniversary.  We’ve asked both governments (Haiti & DR) to declare the day the massacre began 80 years ago a day of reflection.  So far no replies, but the people on the ground, who are really the ones who matter, will be there, remembering and mourning and celebrating together, and by doing so, building the beloved community Martin Luther King spoke of.
          As you know, Irma has hit the islands of the Caribbean hard.  The area of the country where Border of Lights traditionally takes place (where the massacre was most intense) on the NW border was the hardest hit.  The bridge where we used to hold our vigils is washed out, but now there is a new one, which thankfully has withstood the winds & floods.  The DR & Haiti were mostly “spared” this time, but spared sure looks spare when you look at the photos sent.  But it could have been far worse.
          More than ever Border of Lights needs help with building the memorial, but also with projects addressing the many needs of local folks affected by Irma as well as folks who need help dodging the ongoing un/natural disasters of poverty, oppression, displacement.
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