-Thomas Dukshire, PJC Volunteer

PJC Board Members Kahlia Livinston and TJ Sangaré and PJC Executive Director Rachel Siegel share their thoughts on how the election may impact the PJC’s work

On November 7th, many Vermonters flocked Church Street to celebrate the announcement of our 46th President, Joe Biden. According to the VT Secretary of State, 65% of Vermonters voted for Biden, while 30% voted for Trump. As the Peace & Justice Center reflects on its 41 years of advocacy, we are still deeply concerned and believe we need to embrace inspiration, just as we did in 2016. The National election results show a divided country (51% Biden, 47% Trump – Associated Press, as of 11/14/20), and we are suffering through a once-in-a-century pandemic. Regardless of your beliefs, we will stay focused on acting against climate change, racism, income inequality and in favor of justice for all people.

How do we find inspiration and stay motivated? The Peace & Justice Center (PJC) pledges to continue its support of the community through the following:

  1. Defining specific, actionable goals;
  2. Highlighting local stories;
  3. Sharing relevant data;
  4. Educating & training activists;
  5. Supporting our Allied Groups;
  6. Communicating with local and state government officials.

The pandemic is a considerable obstacle. Organizing events, programs, and rallies are challenging. The PJC is digging deep with the recent launch of our new online store. We are transforming and adapting our programs to the digital landscape. There is no chance that we will ease our mission based on the election results or the pandemic; vigilance is our main focus.

We invite you to join us, and we want you to know that we see you. The movement is far from over; we have deep healing ahead of us. Here at the PJC, our reflection of the recent election is complete. Our work to build strong bridges between all groups to fight for a better, safer world for all of us to live as equal citizens requires an immense amount of energy. 371,000 Vermonters participated in the National Presidential Election, and we believe all citizens deserve a fair, just, and safe place to call Vermont home.