With 106,000 hard-working Vermonters lacking paid sick days, it is crucial to the health of our community that H.382 on Paid Sick Days gets passed. We all get sick and we all care for our loved ones who are sick. It is necessary that all Vermonters be able to take time off from work to both recover and prevent those that we work with from getting sick, while not having to worry about how our bills will get paid or how we will put food on the table.

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We need your help now, take action! Some in the business community are putting opposition pressure on members of the General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee in regards to H.382 on Paid Sick Days. What you can do to help:

Contact your Representatives

If you live in the district of any committee members of the House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee, contact your Representative. Let them know that 106,000 hard working Vermonters who currently lack paid sick days can’t afford to wait any longer for H.382 to pass and ask them to support this bill.

Rep. Helen Head (S. Burlington), (802) 862-2267, [email protected]

Rep. Joseph Baker (West Rutland), (802) 438-9819, [email protected]

Rep. John Moran (Wardsboro), (802) 896-9408, [email protected]

Rep. Oliver K. Olsen (Jamaica), (802) 444-9004, [email protected]

Rep. Kesha K. Ram (Burlington), (802) 881-4433, [email protected]

Rep. Brian K. Savage (Swanton), (802) 868-3566, [email protected]

Rep. Robert South (St.Johnsbury), (802) 748-0873, [email protected]

Rep. Tom Stevens (Waterbury), (802) 244-4164, [email protected]

Otherwise, contact the Speaker of the House:

Rep. Shap Smith (Morrisville), (802) 828-2245, [email protected]

If you have questions send an email to [email protected] or call 802-863-2345 x8.