We are posting this information from an e-mail we received and it includes:

* Info on the upcoming Standing Rock Solidarity Evening and supply drop off in Montpelier Nov 12
* Background on NoDAPL and Standing Rock
* Other ways to get involved and give support

Standing Rock Solidarity Evening 
Saturday Nov. 12, 7pm Montpelier Unitarian Church. 
Bring your friends and family to hear about what’s happening in North Dakota, learn about the solidarity caravan and  how to get involved. 
Please Bring Donation$
(see attached flyer, wish-list and
visit the caravan donation page by clicking here or CHECK OUT THE VIDEO)

The Solidarity Caravan and Builders Delegation
A group of carpenters and volunteers are organizing a working delegation to the NoDAPL encampment in North Dakota. We leave Vermont on Friday, November 18th, arriving on Sunday the 20th, and working through Thanksgiving week. We’re picking up volunteers and supplies in a growing list of cities on the way, and will be working with the Red Warrior Building and Winterization team on a large strawbale community center and other projects. We are currently gathering material and monetary donations. Please see needed supplies list attachedBring material donations to Montpelier Unitarian Church Sat Nov. 12th at  7pm or contact erok 802-454-1979 to arrange otherwise. Support the Caravan Here



Over the past few months thousands have gathered with the Standing Rock Lakota to protect water, land and life against the Dakota Access Fracked Oil Pipeline (DAPL) . In an unprecedented mass action of First Nations Peoples and their allies, folks have come from around the world to join in prayer and non-violent direct action to protect the Missouri River watershed, the Ogallala Aquifer, sacred sites and burial grounds that are being bulldozed by pipeline construction.  Now, facing militarized police repression and the oncoming winter months, the Water Protectors are calling on all of us for support.  Please help support this struggle for native rights and sovereignty, for the climate and for all who drink water, breathe air and live on this earth!!
Stand with Standing Rock!!

Other Ways To Help Out
Help spread the word, put on an event, walk door to door, and raise some cash to help support the ongoing efforts.  Money is needed for legal and logistical support

TAKE ACTION! There are ways we can take action locally to oppose the DAPL and to protect the land and water.  There is an event being planned for Sunday 11/6 at noon in downtown Montpelier, stay tuned. TD bank is a major financier of the DAPL, Michels Construction is one of the companies build the DAPL, they are also building the fracked gas pipeline in VT.  Actions that target these players and any others tied to DAPL are needed.  Divest from TD Bank, stop the VT Fracked Gas Pipeline, be creative and support local actions!
Consider Coming to Standing Rock
Water Protectors have put out a call to action  urging all folks who are experienced in direct action to come to Standing Rock.  If you have experience working on rigorous outdoor projects and can deal with cold conditions and want to  consider coming out with the Builders Delegation please be in touch with us.
If you are considering going out to be an ally please read this Ally Bill of Responsibilities.

Endorse Our Caravan
Please let us know if your organization is willing to endorse this project and/or forward this letter to your list(s).

Thanks so much for supporting the people in North Dakota who are defending the water, the air, the earth and our collective future.
In Solidarity,

The Climate Justice Builders Delegation