Happy May Day! Celebrate worker solidarity and human rights by checking in about on livable wage in Burlington and take action!

The Peace & Justice Center works toward social justice and has focused on economic justice issues as a core factor in addressing social injustice.  The Center’s Vermont Livable Wage Campaign successfully re-framed the debate on how to address the income gap in Vermont from incremental increases to the minimum wage to a livable wage – enough for a person to meet his/her basic needs. Without a livable wage, many workers go without a basic need like health insurance or are forced to rely on government assistance – a cost that all taxpayers absorb, an indirect subsidy for employers who do not pay a livable wage. The City of Burlington has been a leader in adopting a livable wage ordinance. We support the current ordinance and any attempts to further strengthen its provisions.

On April 19, 2013 the city came out with an ordinance report that showed that the city has been inconsistent with the implementation of this important ordinance. The people of Burlington fought so hard to put in place it incredibly important that the city find a away to ensure that it is properly enforced!

Yesterday The Burlington Free Press put out a poll about livable wage. This poll asks: “If Burlington is incapable of enforcing a livable wage law, does it really need to have it on the books?” Please vote YES today! Also the way this question is framed is dangerous and could lead down a dangerous path. Let’s change the conversation. To be more involved in this effort contact Kyle at 863-2345 x6 or [email protected]. Thank you!!