Sister Lucy Kurien Sept 6 2014

Join us for tea and conversation with Sister Lucy Kurien. Sister Lucy is the founder of Maher Ashram in Pune, India which is one of the Peace & Justice Store’s vendors. Found out more about the story and impact behind their products! Maher’s primary purpose is to provide shelter and care to women in crisis. Maher also has children’s homes, homes for women with mental disabilities, homes for elderly women and a home for men who cannot care for themselves due to physical or mental disability. In addition to its shelters Maher conducts extensive community outreach work focused on women’s rights, education, microloan co-ops, and environmental sustainability. Sister Lucy, a catholic nun from Kerala, India, founded Maher in 1997. Maher has grown from a single safe home for battered women to a large NGO housing over 1,000 people and serving hundreds of communities. Sister Lucy us a leading humanitarian activist who has much to teach about eradicating poverty using grassroots techniques. For more about Maher, visit their website here: