-Submitted by Mark Hage, Vermonters for Justice in Palestine


A Progressive FOR Palestine: Rep. Betty McCollum

Minnesota Congressional Rep. Betty McCollum was presented with a Champion of Palestinian Rights Award for her legislative work this September by the American Muslims for Palestine. Below are excerpts from her remarks at the virtual event that highlight her fight for justice in Palestine.

I’m here today because I believe in human rights for all people. I believe in equality and justice for all people. I believe in democracy and the right of self-determination for all people. I believe this for the American people, the people of Palestine, and for people everywhere.

So I want to be clear, as we speak to today, we need change at home and we also need to transform U.S. foreign policy to promote our values, not to promote violence. …Apartheid is a system that the Palestinian people endure as they struggle every day under Israel’s military occupation. An oppression that is sadly supported by U.S. taxpayer’s dollars, our dollars. I believe that the Palestinian people deserve dignity, respect, justice, and freedom. [They also deserve] a future in which their fate is decided by the Palestinians themselves.

So, with the strong support of AMP, dozens of faith-based organizations, human rights groups, and peace groups, I have been able to use my position to introduce two pieces of legislation that you are lobbying on today. H.R.2407, Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, was introduced in 2019 again and now we have 24 courageous cosponsors… This bill prohibits U.S. tax dollars from being used by Israel’s military to detain, interrogate, abuse, or torture Palestinian children. This is a practice that is widespread and, yes, it is documented. Israel’s system of military detention for Palestinian children must be condemned and it must stop.

The other bill that I introduced last month was H.R.8050, the Israeli Annexation Non-Recognition Act. …This bill prohibits U.S. funds from being used by Israel to annex Palestinian lands. …So let me be clear, I reject annexation, I condemn annexation, and I will work to ensure that the United States never supports, defends, or legitimizes Israel’s efforts to illegally annex Palestinian lands.


Support the call by over 200 Palestinian sports clubs to Boycott Puma in solidarity with Palestinian athletes

Palestinian sports clubs are urging Puma to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA) due to its deep complicity in Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.

The IFA sponsors football matches in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, as exposed by Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations. There are six Israeli football clubs located in Israel’s settlements, on stolen Palestinian land, that Palestinians are not allowed to enter. Israel’s settlements contribute to serious human rights abuses….

Here is what you can do to help:

  1. Sign the letter by sports fans urging Puma to end its sponsorship and support for the Israel Football Association.
  2. Share the letter with your friends, family and team-mates and encourage them to sign.
  3. And remember…Don’t buy Puma. Give Puma the Boot!


Cry the Beloved Country

A new exhibition by British artist Gil Mualem-Doron. Visit online at this link.