This coming Monday, July 2nd, at City Hall in Burlington we will be having our 4th annual reading of Frederick Douglass’, “What to the Slave is the 4th of July”. The Vermont Humanities Council is supporting groups and communities statewide to organize public participatory readings of his compelling speech and this year we are also collaborating with Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington. Jabari Jones from BLM of Greater Burlington will offer an introduction to the Reading. Past Readings have been very powerful, here are some examples.

Here is a video of the first Reading put on by the Peace & Justice Center in 2014:

You can find the recording from the 2015 event here.













Last year a group from Lyric Theatre attended the event whose members contributed truly moving performances of the speech! Here’s a photo of the group:











Check out other events happening around VT here.

We are very excited to put on this important and emotionally powerful event for the 4th year in a row. If you’d like to read the speech ahead of time and come prepared you can find the script here. Copies of the speech will be provided on the day of and audience members are encouraged to partake in the shared reading of this influential speech. To participate in the Reading, find one of the Peace & Justice Center staff at the event and let them know which section you’d like to read. We hope to see you there!