Rachel and Francine

This workshop is being led by Rachel Siegel and Francine Serwili-Ngunga

On Tuesday, August 4th, 9:00am-1:30pm join us at the Peace & Justice Center, 60 Lake Street, Burlington, VT for this workshop. This workshop is designed for participants to increase their skills as allies who can effectively build support with and for co-workers who may be experiencing oppression from colleagues and/or from the institution/company directly. It was developed for business owners, HR staff, managers and all workers who seek to address oppression and discrimination within their workplace.

Register online here or call Kyle at 802-863-2345 x6

My hope in leading this workshop is that participants increase their ability to act as allies to oppressed groups. There won’t be a check list to answer your questions and concerns. One of the agreements of participating is to understand that experiencing discomfort is part this process, that this is a journey, with no clear destination, and there won’t be any closure. We will be building the skills to live a more responsible life, and to be better members of a larger society.

While we are doing this work to help us in our interactions with others, we must not forget that more importantly, it will benefit us, the ones doing it. We will take the time to dig deep and learn about our personal and social identities and the privileges or hardships that come with them. We will leave with an under-standing of what is means to honor our responsibilities as a conscious member of society. We will practice new vocabulary and develop skills to be a better ally. Hopefully by the end of the session, participants will have an understanding that real change starts within, with one’s own awakening. 

– Francine Serwili-Ngunga