Poverty impacts our communities in both big and small ways. And many of us have experienced poverty at one time or another in our lives. Equity Solutions brings people together for a deeper understanding of the root causes of poverty and economic inequality, so that we are ready to implement innovative and equitable responses in our work and communities. This workshop will cover: poverty in a vastly unequal economy; our personal place in this reality; how an equity lens is an excellent tool for change; and equitable solutions. We use an equity lens to move beyond harmful assumptions so we can build more collaborative relationships across socio-economic class, challenge limiting beliefs about what is possible, and identify solutions based on the expertise of people most impacted.
Equity Solutions is a cross class team of experienced facilitators and consultants. Get ready for storytelling, interactive activities, some lightbulbs to go off, and for renewed energy towards a “we are all in this together” approach.
Learning Goals – During this session participants will:
  1. Describe some features of the U.S. economic/class system
  2. Describe some ways that economic inequality impacts their communities and workplaces, and how it intersects with race in this system
  3. Articulate their own assumptions and “stories” about poverty and wealth, identify how these may show up in their work and life, and practice posing more accurate “stories”
  4. Define equity as it relates to their work and community and apply an equity lens to find solutions
Workshop date: Thursday, October 12th, 9-2:30 at Main Street Landing Gallery, 60 Lake Street, Burlington
There is a sliding scale fee of $5-$100 for individuals, ask about rates for institutions. This program is made possible thanks to a partnership between Equity Solutions and the Peace & Justice Center as well as the donation of space from Main Street Landing.
For more information and/or to register contact [email protected] or call 863-2345 x6. Thanks!