Hey people in Southern Vermont! Come join the Peace & Justice Center at the Manchester Community Library on Saturday, September 24th from 10am to 3pm for our FREE Nonviolent Activism workshop!

Through this we’ll be looking into systemic forms of oppression and how nonviolence can effectively be used to combat them. We’ll then be working on building strategies to lift up movements and local efforts to create a more just world.

This program is designed to help people in the community access and explore the strategy of nonviolence in the hopes that this information will be used in movements locally. The first part of the workshop focuses on exploring violence and systems of oppression in order to have a meaningful understanding of how a nonviolent strategy is effective in taking on violence. In the second half of the day, participants will work together to practice developing a coordinated nonviolent response to a particular oppressive policy, institution, structure, and/or practice within the community. We are looking forward to learning with all participants and building skills and strategy to lift up movements and local efforts that contribute to a just and peaceful world. This program is supported by Manchester Community Library and held in collaboration with Campaign Nonviolence’s Week of Actions as well as their “1000 Nonviolence Trainings” Project for 2016. RSVP over the phone at 863-2345 x6 or online