Come check out our Mindfulness for Activists event on Thursday September 28th and October 5th from 6 to 8pm at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, Vermont.

In order to keep taking on injustice, we need to develop a strategy for self-care as activists. This program focuses on ways to utilize mindfulness for nonviolent social justice and peace work. Emphasis is on developing skills in meditation, deep listening, and what Gandhi called “soul force.” We will explore ways to see and act on a sense of common humanity that lies deeper than conflict. This workshop is designed by the Peace & Justice Center, a Vermont-based non-profit, membership organization. Our mission is to create a just and peaceful world by working on the interconnected issues of economic and racial justice, peace, and human rights. We are excited to have Rachel Siegel and Ginny Sassaman lead both these sessions together. Sign up by e-mailing [email protected], calling (802-482-7194) or filling out online form (

About the Teachers:
Rachel Siegel became the Executive Director of the Peace & Justice Center in 2013. She is raising two children with her partner Jules on their mini-urban homestead in Burlington. She is committed to the causes of economic, racial, and environmental justice; has tremendous organizational and fundraising skills; is a proven leader in the community; and is well-established in Burlington. She has worked for positive change as an advocate for women and economic justice through both Vermont Works for Women and as a founding member of Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom. She recently served as a Burlington City Councilor representing the Old North End and is a dancer/performer hoping to get moving again soon.

Ginny Sassaman is a co-founder and President of GNHUSA. In 2011, she created the Happiness Paradigm Store and Experience, which expanded to include the Happiness Paradigm blog where she posts essays about living life in concordance with GNH and Positive Psychology tenets. She has an M.S. in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from the Woodbury Institute at Champlain College and in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute. She works as a meditation and positive psychology teacher, coach, and workshop leader. Formerly the Communications Director for the Women’s Legal Fund and Media Communications Director for Common Cause in Washington, DC, Ginny moved to Calais, Vermont in 2001. A creative spirit and entrepreneur with a strong interest in social justice, Ginny worked as a fulltime watercolor artist for many years before becoming a mediator and establishing the position of staff mediator for Home Share Now. She gave a keynote speech entitled “Personal Happiness: a Vital Component of a National Movement” at the 2014 national gross national happiness conference. She has frequently delivered sermons in Unitarian Churches on the connections between personal happiness, a GNH paradigm, and climate action. She also leads Joyful Creativity Retreats, and is a proud and dedicated grandmother.