Adrienne Kinne is a ten-year Army Veteran and an 11-year peace activist, now the Vice President of the Veterans For Peace US National Board of Directors. She has also served as the President of the Will Miller Green Mountain Veterans For Peace, Vermont.

Amy Crosswhite is the Fair Trade Store and Program Manager at the Peace & Justice Center in Burlington, VT.

Andrew Schoerke

  • 1956 – Officer Candidate School Newport, R.I.; Commissioned Ensign
  • 1957 – Air Intelligence School, Anacostia, MD
  • 1957-1959 Heavy Attack Squadron One – Air Intelligence Officer
  • 1958 Bombardier/Navigator on A3D strategic bomber
  • 1959 -1979 – U.S. Navy Air Intelligence Reserve Unit, NAS Willow Grove, PA
  • Active Duty for Training including: Foreign Service Institute; Air Intelligence School; Survival/Escape/Resistance/Escape; Operational Intelligence; Counterinsurgency; Anti- submarine Warfare; Integrated Operational Intelligence Center; RA5C aircraft Imaging Systems; Staff, Commander, U.S. Southern Command, Panama, CZ; Naval War College-Senior Reserve Officers Class; Staff, Reserve Intelligence Area Commander; Staff, Commander U.S. Second Fleet ·
  • Commanding Officer 1975 -1977
  • Sponsored Pham Man Khue, Capt. Navy Republic Viet Nam
  • 1979 – Retired as Captain, USNR
  • Peace Activist
  • 1982-1991 – Coordinator of Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, Philadelphia Presbytery 2001– Current – Bennington Vermont
  • 2000-2002 -School of Americas Watch, Ft. Benning, GA; demonstrations and direct action 2001-2009 – Vermont Peace Train Bennington VT,; marches, direct actions.

Catherine Cadden is an educator, storyteller, and dancer with over 30 years of experience in bringing innovative programs in nonviolence, mindfulness, and conflict transformation to people of all ages, on six continents. In 1997, Catherine founded the TEMBA School, a visionary K–8 academic program, and in 2006, she co-founded Play in the Wild! Initiations into Nonviolence for youth, families, and educators. In 2016, Play in the Wild! partnered with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program to establish Crossroads, a Youth Mentoring Program. Her work with her indigenous roots, elders, and teachers taught her to live interdependently with nature, which she shares with all who are willing to learn. She is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer and the author of Peaceable Revolution Through Education. [email protected]

Charlotte Dennett is the co-author with Gerard Colby of Thy Will be Done. The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil and the author of The People v Bush: One Lawyer’s Campaign to Bring the President to Justice. She has two books on the Middle East in the works.

Dina and Sonia John are completing their senior year at Rice Memorial High School where they are both class representative and helped create the school’s Student Diversity Union and are members of GUS, Global Unity and Solidarity. Outside of school, they created Generation of Social Change, a group focused on bringing about conversation and action on social justice within the local community and schools. They have also both worked as part of the Peace & Justice Center’s programming team for the past year.

Gwendolyn Hallsmith has over 30 years of experience working with municipal, regional, and state government in the United States and internationally. She is the author of six books on community resilience and sustainable economics. She founded Vermonters for a New Economy in 2012, and is currently working on a book about economic change. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Brown University and studied theology at the Andover Newton Theological School. She lives at an ecovillage in Cabot, Vermont with her husband, Michael Taub, and writes songs about the new economy for the musical group – The New Economistas.

Henry Jacqz  is a college student who has studied economics, climate negotiations, impact investing, computer science, justice theory, and the American political system. He first discovered political activism advocating for institutional divestment from the fossil fuel cartel while he was studying in Massachusetts. In 2016, he organized with the Democracy Spring project, and for the past two years he has been a core organizer for Vermonters for a New Economy. He created the current campaign for public banking that involves grassroots organizing and humor as a way to get people involved.

Jeff Mandell is the regional director of Kids4Peace Vermont & New Hampshire. He is devoted to bringing peace and joy to the world by teaching conflict resolution skills. He designs and leads fun, dynamic, and experiential conflict skills and team-building trainings for colleges, nonprofits and business organizations. He specializes in making conflict resolution skills accessible to people in stressful and high conflict work environments. His mediation experience includes resolving disputes involving neighbors, businesses, landlords and tenants, construction, and in the community and the workplace. Mandell is a graduate of the master’s degree program from Woodbury Institute of Champlain College in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies, and has been a mediation trainer in the program since 2010. He has taught and conducted trainings at the American Council on International Education, Vermont Law School, and the Vermont Center for Afterschool Excellence.

Jesse Wiens is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer and the founder of ZENVC, an approach to the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that integrates meditation, mindfulness, and inner work. He has a passion for bringing Eastern and Western wisdom to bear on the problems of today, supporting individuals, couples, and communities to come back into wholeness. In this, he draws from his own Chinese-American heritage, seven years of living and practicing in Zen monasteries, as well as training with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, Center for Understanding in Conflict co-founder Gary Friedman, and BayNVC’s Restorative Justice program at San Quentin State Prison. [email protected] Catherine and Jesse are co-authors of The Ongo Book: Everyday Nonviolence, a guidebook for individuals, couples, and groups in being nonviolence.

Jon Turner operates Wild Roots Farm Vermont, a diversified operation that engages community through service learning projects, workshops and social events. The 10.5-acre site produces organic vegetables, berries, and eggs from pastured poultry. The farm is a 2017 recipient of the Innovations Grant from the National Farm to School Network. Jon works closely with college students, veterans & service members, by providing opportunities to view the landscape from an ecological lens and better understand how to design resilient food systems. He currently sits on the boards for NOFA-VT and the Addison County Farm Bureau.

Junior Serwili is completing his senior year at Rice Memorial High School where he is a class representative and helped create the school’s Student Diversity Union and is a member of GUS, Global Unity and Solidarity. He has been a volunteer with the Peace & Justice Center and Store for four years. His work has included supporting workshop development and much more.

Marguerite Adelman attended the United Nation Commission on the Status of Women as a member of WILPF’s Local2Global program, in March 2018. She was development director of VSAVermont, the state organization on Arts and Disability, and is currently co-chair of WILPF Burlington.

Mousa Ishaq is is a Palestinian American and the President of the Burlington/Bethlehem/Arad Sister City Program which was founded in Burlington, Vermont in 1991.

Netdahe Stoddard has been an activist his whole life and organized his  first public protest at age 11 when he and others walked out of grade school in Lyndonville nearly 30 years ago to stop the first war on Iraq. He leads PJC programs because he believe racism is the key element used to oppress poor people, so the best work he feels he can do toward building a healthier world and future is to fight racism. No one is born hateful and all poor people are harmed by white supremacy, so this is a battle for hearts and minds just waiting to be won.

Peggy Luhrs has a long time involvement and interest in International Feminism. She made several trips and a video tape at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. She was also part of the 4th UN Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 as well as an International Lesbian Conference in Geneva Switzerland in 1984. She was the Executive Director of the Burlington Women’s Council and taught Ecofeminism at the Institute for Social Ecology.

Robin Lloyd is a feminist peace activist and former filmmaker. She attended the 4th UN Conference on Women in 1995 in Beijing China. She is co-chair of the DISARM committee of WILPFUS.

Sandy Baird is a former teacher at Burlington College and Johnson State College. She is a lawyer and the founder of the Caroline Fund and the Caroline Baird Crichfield Pro Se Legal Clinic. She taught history, politics and law and is a founding member of the Burlington/Bethlehem/Arad Sister City Program. She is also the founder and Secretary of the Cuban American Friendship Society which has been seeking people to people exchanges and contacts to further peace between the people of Cuba and the United States. She has been visiting Cuba since 1981 and was the founder of the Burlington College overseas Study Program in 2006. She is also a student of the Cold War and visited the Soviet Union in 1986 and 1988.

Timmon Wallis and Vicki Elson are co-founders of Nuclear Ban US: The Treaty Compliance Campaign. They were both involved in the UN negotiations for the Nuclear Ban Treaty and with ICAN, the campaign that won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Timmon is a long-time international peace activist and author of Disarming the Nuclear Argument (Luath Press, 2017). Vicki is a childbirth educator who has decided getting rid of nuclear weapons is the best way she can now help the next generation.

Zymora Davinci is currently a senior in high school at CCV’s early college program in Montpelier, Vermont. She plans to go away to college and major in African-American studies and pair it with either criminal justice or political science. She is the product of an interracial family, and growing up in Vermont was made difficult because of the lack of ethnic diversity. She began engaging in social justice activism because she realized that Vermont’s culture needed to become more aware and inclusive of people of color. She pledged herself to advocating for other people of color and educating her community about the harms of white supremacy culture so that children of color like her younger brother can grow up viewing themselves in a more positive light and have equal opportunities in this world to succeed. She looks forward to providing some insight and tools to help support her Vermont communities.