Hi, my name is Greta(she/her), and I will be a senior at Rutland High School. I am a new intern at the Peace and Justice Center, and my focus over this summer will be the youth activist symposium! I have been interested in social justice since I was little, but I was able to engage in activism on a greater scale through my high school’s global studies program. Since freshman year I have been a part of many social justice groups at my school such as the Feminism club and the Racial Justice club. I also started the Amnesty International Club and became the Amnesty High School Student Activist Coordinator for Vermont in my sophomore year. Through my work with Amnesty, I got involved with organizing the youth focused March for Our Future in Montpelier and March for Our Lives in Rutland, Vermont. I am excited to work with the peace and justice center to address significant systemic issues through their racial justice, fair trade, and peace work programs as well as connecting with the activist community in Northern Vermont!