Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK visited VT, on September 26, as part of her book tour for the release of “Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The book is described on her site as “part of a campaign to prevent a war with Iran and instead promote normal trade and diplomatic relations.” Joseph Gainza interviewed Medea on his September 11th show of Gathering Peace on WDGR, prior to her visiting VT.

While here Medea visited the Channel 17 studio at spoke with Barrie Silver about her call to activism, how she keeps her energy up, personal stories as well as big picture information on Iran, and a bit about her recent disruption of the Hudson Institute which became a viral video. She also sat down with Dave Ransom and David Ross from the Will Miller Chapter of the Green Mountain Veterans for Peace at the VCAM Studio to discuss Iran, Iraq, and much more.

The day ended with a visit to the Peace & Justice Center and a public talk at Main Street Landing. We did video tape this talk thanks to the use of Channel 17’s equipment and their offer to produce it. We will be sure to post the link once the production piece is finished. Thank you to all who joined in these events and for all who enjoy them now!