Did you “like” this video? Did you talk about the rad actions of organizers on the ground in Durham? Do you wish that you had a concrete way to support individuals on the front line of the struggle? This post is for you.

From standing rock to j20 to standing up to ice to #durham, nc-folx across the country are taking bold action to tear down white supremacy. We must respond in solidarity and with mutual aid.

We’re an ad hoc collective of q\t black, chican@ and folx of varying identities who all oppose white supremacy and state repression in our community.

In the spirit of having the backs of:  Qasima Roshan Elise Wideman, Jessica Nicole Jude, Joseph Baldoni Karlik, Takiyah Thompson, Alexander Jun Cook, Raul Mauro Arce Jimenez, Elena Everett, Aaron Caldwell, Peter Gull Gilbert, Dante Emmanuel Strobino, and Ngoc Loan Tran, who are now facing multiple felony charges for tearing down a confederate statue, we ask for your attendance at our community bbq fundraiser. All funds raised will go directly to the durham solidarity center.

Despite the fact cities like Baltimore pre-emptitvely removed their statues of confederate statues following the “unite the right” descending on #cville, these brave organizers in Durham are facing multiple felonies for tearing down a symbol of white nationalism and white supremacy.

Mutual aid and solidarity is the best solution for state repression; we demand the charges to be dropped against these freedom fighters and want to publicly send material support to let them know we support their righteous actions. While these organizers are currently out on bail, their legal battle is just beginning with their next court date being 9/12.

Our struggles in Vermont run parallel to the state repression and resistance we’re seeing across the country-our VT comrades being caught up in mass arrests at J20 (a legal battle they’re still fighting), the detainment of Migrant Justice leaders by ICE.  racism and white supremacy are alive and well in Vermont– Ryan Roy is just the tip of the iceberg.
Show up. Donate. Share. Call the Durham DA’s office and demand that the charges be dropped at 919-808-3010. If you’re white in vermont-it’s really the least you can do.
More about the event here.
Jas Wheeler
Event Organizer