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Jorja Lamb

Program Coordinator

[email protected]

My name is Jorja Lamb and I am thrilled to be joining the Peace & Justice Center as the Program Coordinator! Prior to becoming part of the staff team, I spent two and a half years as the PJC’s work study student where I delved into work revolving around fair trade, racial justice, and peace work. In this new position I wish to continue to teach and to be taught with the hope of growing with you all even further.

As a biracial woman born and raised in Vermont, I hope to translate my personal experiences to my work. I have spent my time growing through my involvement with different organizations revolving around racial justice, environmental rights, women’s rights, and worker rights. I am excited to carry on doing this important work through this new role.

Outside of social justice, I have a deep love for my family, my friends, reading, hiking, concerts, and traveling.

I am dedicated to doing my part in the never ending journey to a peaceful and just world. And I am excited to continue this journey with the Peace & Justice Center.