“Allyship is work. It’s hard, important work. As one of the facilitators for the Privilege and Accountability workshop I’m grateful for the opportunity to explicitly challenge the notion of learning being enough to dismantle oppression. For years, “knowledge is power” was social justice buzz language that determined what was enough to upend oppression. We know better, now. We know that “being” and “knowing” does little, if anything, to smash the dominant paradigm and undo systemic injustice. Learning can only be a beginning. Information is only a slight movement towards liberation, but more is required. What are you doing with the information? Are you engaging in dialogue? Are you pushing for the removal of laws that allow for discrimination? If you are interested in joining a group of folks to move through questions presented in a Privilege and Accountability workshop, give the PJC a call and register.” – Ita Meno, CQ Strategies and Peace & Justice Center facilitator