how-to-talkWe are once again hosting this valuable discussion group, this time in three-parts, facilitated by Traci Griffith and Rachel Siegel on Saturdays, October 22, 29 and November 5, 3-5:00.

“I do this for my son,” says Traci. “I have to leave this place better than I found it, for hm and all the kids like him. America must deal with issues of racial inequality if we are ever to become the nation we tell the world we are.”

“This workshop developed after enough white parents asked me how I talk about racism with my own kids,” says Rachel. “I always tell people that there is no right answer except to do it. If we wait to get it just right, we are perpetuating an element of white supremacist culture: perfectionism. If you haven’t talked about race and racism much, it’s going to be uncomfortable and to me, that is a good place to start. Until white people start to feel personal discomfort, we will make little progress toward racial justice and equity.”

Talking about race and racism can be difficult — especially with children. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t be having these conversations. We are offering this facilitated discussion group to help navigate and practice having these talks. The program is for anyone concerned with the impact of racism and white privilege on our kids. It includes resources, information, age-appropriate guidelines, and role playing. These three days of discussion are designed to help adults (and young adults) explore these issues in a meaningful way.

Participants are asked to come to all three sessions. Space is limited. For more information or to reserve your spot click the link here. You may also visit call our programming staff at 802-863-2345 x6.

We ask that participants who are not current PJC members or volunteers to contribute $40 to this work. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

See this six-minute clip on WCAX from January, 2015 if you are interested in hearing more about the program.