Amelia Boynton-RobinsonAmelia Boynton-Robinson, a long time Civil Rights activist has passed away at age 104. Boynton-Robinson, initially coming to fame for her participation in the Selma-Montgomery marches during the Civil Rights movement, was awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr Freedom Medal in 1990 for her decades of tireless work to advance civil rights across America. As we remember this courageous champion of peace and non-violence we are urging members of the Peace & Justice Center to honor her legacy by refusing the put the United States on a war footing once again.

The Obama administration has worked with numerous nations around the world to forge a complex and multi-faceted diplomatic agreement known widely as “The Iran Nuclear Deal.” If passed by Congress, this deal would lift many (but not all) of the sanctions against Iran in exchange for strict inspections monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. In addition to rebuilding diplomatic ties with Iran, the agreement could also open the door to Iran cooperating with U.S. forces in the fight against ISIL, the Islamic fundamentalist group currently wreaking destruction across Syria and Iraq.

Yet despite the obvious benefits to this multi-national agreement, hundreds of American lawmakers are actively working to kill U.S. ratification of the agreement. Backed by AIPAC, the powerful Israeli lobby, lawmakers’ decision to pull the United States out of this agreement would place both the United States and Israel on a path to war with Iran. National Security Council veteran Gary Sick says the possibility of an escalating confrontation with Iran is dangerously high, “[if the Deal is] turned down by the U.S. Congress, basically the United States is on its own. The rest of the world doesn’t have to go along with this. We are basically saying we throw that out. The chance of renegotiating it is very close to zero. And as the situation evolves, there’s a very real chance of conflict.”

As we creep ever closer to the 60 day deadline before Congress decides to approve the Deal, the Peace & Justice Center is asking members to take action. Vermont’s congressional delagates are all in favor of the deal. Please look at this comprehensive list of currently undecided representatives (complied by CODE PINK), contact your friends and family in those states and ask them to urge their elected representatives to vote to approve the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Let’s honor the lifetime of peace and non-violence work of Amelia Boynton-Robinson by stopping the next war!