Hi all,

If you haven’t heard yet, the campaign to put the F35 issue on the Burlington March ballot was a great success!  Our sincere thanks to everyone who worked on and supported this wonderful effort.

Due to the steadfast work of volunteers braving cold temperatures these past few weeks, more than 2700 signatures were submitted to the city clerk, including more than the 1787 required valid signatures, for putting the question of canceling F-35 basing at the Burlington Airport up for a vote on the Burlington ballot at town meeting day in March.

But that is not the end of the battle for a democratic vote on town meeting day!

The next step is for the Burlington City Council to vote on a resolution written by the city attorney to put the question on the town meeting ballot.  Notwithstanding our success submitting the required number of valid signatures, the City Council could still vote down putting the resolution up for a vote.  Even if the City Council passes the resolution, the Mayor could veto.

So save the date! That City Council meeting will be on January 29 at 7 pm.

The fact that the Mayor has hinted that he and the City Council will refuse to allow citizens to vote suggests that pro-F35 forces lack confidence that their side would win at the ballot box.

The City Council meeting on January 29 provides a great opportunity for a large number of area residents to show support for democracy and opposition to F-35 basing.  Regardless of where you live, you will be able to speak for 2 minutes. If we succeed in persuading the city council to put resolution on the ballot at the meeting on January 29 that could be the beginning of the end of the plan to base F35 jets at Burlington Airport.

If the City Council votes against putting the question up for a vote at town meeting the basing will further lose legitimacy.

So, all turn out for the Burlington City Council meeting on January 29.

Here is some news coverage of the press conference last week announcing the voter-led petition drive:
(Feel free to leave comments/congratulations/support for the ballot item on these websites if available.)
Please RSVP if you are able to attend the January 29 Burlington Council meeting at 7:00 to hold the politicians accountable to the people’s will, and ensure that this question is placed on the ballot.
Far too many decisions have been made in Burlington in recent years without the voter input, and the F35 is perhaps the most significant for its far-ranging and long lasting environmental impact to our communities. It’s time to demand our rights to health, safety, and property values and to bring back democracy to Burlington!

This is a guest blog post sent to PJC staff by organizers with the Stop the F-35 Coalition.

Please go to StoptheF35.com or SaveOurSkiesVT.org to get more information about the proposed F35 basing and its negative effects, or donate much needed funds so we can help generate more awareness about this important issue that will negatively impact thousands of residents, their homes and communities.   Thank you for your support!