Hi, all… my name is Tim.

I’m currently in my senior year at UVM studying Political Science with a minor in Public Policy Analysis.

I’ve long been inspired by the varied initiatives of the Peace and Justice Center, so I’m excited to join as an intern with the Racial Justice program. The deep need for communication and collaboration within and between communities has never felt more urgent to me – and the PJC staff and membership strive to serve that need every day!

My primary goal this Fall is to learn practical skills for organizing and supporting effective action aimed at dismantling systems of oppression and marginalization. Going forward, I hope to facilitate community participation in research and analyses promoting race-conscious public policies. Only together can we disrupt the myriad injustices undermining the potential of our political and social institutions.

Meanwhile, I laugh as often as possible; I believe in the transformative power of Love; and I reject any cynical or fear-based assertions about “the way the world is”.

I hope to see you around, neighbors!