Hi! My name is Ryan (she/her/hers), and I’m one of the Programming & Fundraising interns at the Peace & Justice Center for this upcoming fall semester. I graduated from Oberlin College in December 2016, where I majored in both creative writing and environmental studies. Within the environmental studies major, my pathway was in environmental and climate justice. I have been passionate about social justice since the age of about 12, when I got in trouble with my 7th grade science teacher for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in protest of America’s invasion of Iraq. Throughout college, I was engaged in several campaigns for racial justice as well as anti-fracking environmental activism. I also founded and led a peer support group for people with mental health issues related to eating and body image.

I moved to Burlington ten days ago as of today, September 4th, from my hometown of Louisa, Virginia, which is pretty close to Charlottesville. I found out about the Peace & Justice Center while researching my new hometown here in Vermont, and I applied to become an intern because I want to work in a position that aligns with my values and beliefs. I am very excited for the opportunity to connect with and learn from other community members and activists. I am not very excited about the cold weather everyone keeps telling me about, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Some of my favorite things include running, baking, astrology, and singing in the car (especially when Amy Winehouse is playing). I have two wonderful dogs: a 12-year-old pug named Cookie, and a 6-year-old bulldog-lab-hippopotamus hybrid named Leonard. I’m trying to learn how to speak Russian, and one of my dreams is to make a perfect laminated dough.