Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA and TPP have a number of social, economic, and environmental consequences around the world. The Fair Trade movement poses an alternative to Free Trade and attempts to, at minimum, counterbalance these negative externalities.

Come to the Peace & Justice Center on Saturday, March 11 from 3:30-4:30 to for our “Fair Trade vs. Free Trade Presentation & Discussion.” The presentation will provide basic information about globalization and how the policies and practices associated with globalization have allowed corporations to profit at the expense of people and the planet. It will also provide information about how the Fair Trade movement and principles are attempting to counteract these issues. Following the presentation, we encourage a discussion about the material covered to better understand the complex relationship between globalization, free trade, and fair trade.

People are encouraged to arrive at 3:00 to participate in a PJC New Volunteer Orientation. We hope to see you there!