E-News Archive

The Peace & Justice Center produces an e-newsletter that goes out every other week. You’ll find information about PJC events and actions, posts from our blog and articles on relevant topics, Peace & Justice Store promotions and sales, and community events hosted by our allied groups and other social justice organizations.


December 8 Welcome New PJC Staff, From the Blog: GivingTuesday for Niger and Nepal, PJC Store Now Online, Action Highlights: Gifts for Kids with Incarcerated Parents and Winooski F-35 Petition

November 17 How to be an Antiracist Book Discussion, From the Blog: How will the election impact our work?, Virtual Auction, Action Highlights: Local Black-owned Business Pushed Out, Support Black Farming, Drop Del Pozo

November 2 PJC Hiring, From the Blog: Count Every Vote, Peace & Justice Store Going Online!, Action Highlights: Everyone Eats, BIPOC Urban Farm & Wholeness Center

October 6 PJC Programs, From the Blog: BIPOC Retreat Reflections, Child Labor: The Real Cost of Chocolate, Action Highlight: Support Vermont BIPOC Businesses AND Bystander Intervention

September 15 NAACP Chapters, From the Blog: Rapid Response Planning, Protest Solidarity Statement, Action Highlight: Water Protector Petition

September 2 Rally for Ralph, From The Blog: Zach Got it Right, Labor Day Working Class BBQ & Picnic Against White Supremacy, BIPOC Artist Spotlight, Action Highlight: Fire Violent BPD Officers, Support Knoll Farm Healing Space for Essential/Racial Justice Workers

August 18 Welcome, Joshua!, Dissecting Racism Series, PJC Tech Fundraiser, BIPOC Artist Spotligh, Action Highlight: Save USPS, HUD Anti-Trans Housing Rules

August 3 Remembering Hirsohima & Nagasak

i, From the Blog: Racism Isn’t a Mental Illness and Bigotry Isn’t a Disability, Coming Soon: 6 Part Workshop with Rodney Patterson, Action Highlight: Support BIPOC Artists

July 21 Protest the Deployment of Federal Agents in Our Cities, From the Blog: Say What You Mean, Stop the Sale of Marlboro College to Seth Andrews, Action Highlight: Investigate COVID-19 in Detention Facilities

July 7 PJC Hiring, Defund the Police & Abolish ICE!: Building Solidarity in the Fight Against the Carceral State, The Loss of Heritage in Pursuit of Whiteness, Action Highlights: Stop Spending on War and Militarizing the Police, Support Smart Justice, Return Mount Rushmore/the Black Hills to the Lakota

June 24 Supporting QTPOC Beyond Pride Month, From the Blog: Susanna Toby of Townshend Vermont, Connecting with and Affirming Other POC, Action Highlights: BLM Community Yard Sale, BIPOC Land Sovereignty

June 9 Responding to Racial Injustice, From the Blog: Women & Modern Slavery, Action Highlights: Money for Black Vermonters, Divest from Policing and Address Use of Force

May 26 Thank You PJC Members,  From the Blog- Cross Country in a Pandemic: A Privileged Trip, Action Highlights: VT Relief Fund for Immigrant Families, Medicare for All Car Rally and BBQ

May 12 A People’s Response to COVID, From the Blog: Not All Heroes Need Capes…but They Do Need Hand Sanitizer, Action Highlights: Justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Don’t Let the USDA Slash Farmworker Pay

April 28 POC Affinity Group, From the Blog: COVID Impact on BIPOC, Hussien Defense Fund, Action Highlights: Mayday Car Rally and Lift US Sanctions

April 14 Honk Protest to Free ICE Detainees, From the Blog:Rachel’s Update on the PJC & COVID Epidemic, Protecting Migrant Dairy Farmers & Immigrants, Action Highlights: Take Action for PPE in VT, Free Jailed Black Mothers, Stop F-35s & Focus on COVID

March 26 PJC Update, From the Blog: Inequality Towards Food Service and Grocery Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Healthcare Fund, Action Highlight: Four Letters and Petitions to Support the Most Vulnerable from COVID-19

March 2 Leaving the PJC, From the Blog: Voter Suppression, Protect Immigrants, Action Highlight: Vote!, Tell Starbucks: Don’t Use Slave Labor!

February 18 Ed Everts Social Justice Award Celebration, From the Blog: Free Trade vs Fair Trade, Brother Outsider, Action Alerts: Vermont Green New Deal Petition and Burlington City Council Rally/Speak Out

February 4 PJC Phonathon, From the Blog: Meet Our Interns!, Biscuits Buttons, Action Alerts: Reject the Cover Up Mobilization and Vote to End Police and ICE collaboration

January 21 Changes at the PJC, From the Blog: Cracking the Fair Trade Code, Advocate for Immigrants at Panel & Rally, Action Alerts: Support South Burlington Man Detained by ICE

January 6 PJC Pause, From the Blog: Stop Collaboration Between Police and Immigration Authorities, Suppressed: The Fight to Vote, Action Alerts: Women’s March 2020 and Weatherize Burlington Apartments


December 10 Kids Are Racist Too, From the Blog: A Note to My Fellow White/Anti-Racist Activists, PJC Library Book Sale, Action Alerts: Justice for Chiri andMedical Relief for Asylum Seekers

November 26 Community Voices for Immigrant Rights, From the Blog: Honoring the Gift of Receiving, Amazon, ICE, and Global Trade, Action Alerts: Support Apache and Palestinian Land. 

November 11 What is White Fragility?, From the Blog: What Happened to Armistice Day?, Fiber Fair Friday, Action Alerts: Save Rodney Reed and Tell J. Crew to Support Fair Trade Farmers

October 29 Legacy Museum Trip, From the Blog: The Horrors of the Cocoa Industry, Anti-War Activists Found Guilty, Action Alert: Speak Truth to Power and Milk With Dignity Day of Action

October 15 Being Held Accountable, From the Blog: How Racism Hurts White People, Esai’s Table, Voices for Palestine: International Law and the Rights of Palestinian People, Action Alert: Milk with Dignity

October 1 Does the PJC do Climate Justice Work?,Voices for Palestine: Netanyahu’s Last Stand?, Local Machinists on Strike, From the Blog: Healthy relationships in movement & political spaces, BTV Clean Up Crew, Action Highlight: Anti-ICE Protest and Immigration Teach In

September 17 PJC Community Meeting, Voices for Palestine: International Law and the Rights of Palestinian People, From the Blog: Run, Fight, and The Climate Crisis, Welcome Aris, Action Alert #1: Protect Food Stamps, Action Alert #2: Prisoner in Solitary Confinement

September 3 Become a Member, Voices for Palestine: Israeli Military, From the Blog: Race Against Racism– Thoughts from Youth Organizer
Welcome New Board Members, Action Highlight: Protest the Planned Basing of the F35

August 20 We’re Hiring!, Sign the petition: no wall on the waterfront, Voices for Palestine: Homeless in Sur Bahir, The Myth About Kids and Racism, From the Blog: Environmental Racism, Action Highlight: Cancel the F35s

July 23  An Intentional Pause, A New Mosque for the VT Islamic Society, Black Beauty, From the Blog: Hibakusha Stories/Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fair Trade Labels presentation, Become a PJC Intern, Action Highlight: #ShutDownICE in VT march and protest

July 9 Statement on Israel, Palestine, and Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, , Tech Volunteer Needed, A New Mosque for the VT Islamic Society, From the Blog: White Nationalism, Fair Trade 101 in Plainfield, Action Highlight: Resisting Trumps Immigration Policies

June 11 The F35s Will Make Homes Unlivable, Juneteenth, Poor People’s Campaign, From the Blog: Where were you for the Dandelion Run?, Palestinian House of Friendship, Action Highlight: Demand Presidential Candidates Oppose Nuclear First Use

May 28  Vermont Stonewall Celebration,, Rest in Peace Roz Payne, Youth Activist Summit!, From the Blog: Migrant Children are Still Locked in Cages and Dying, Celebrate Love with Loving Day VT, Action Highlight: Protest Scott Walker

May 14  Scott Walker Protest and Wisconsin Rising Screening, From the Blog: Anti-racism training reflections, What Pete Taught Woody, Action Highlight: Petition against police brutality

April 30 Rutland Social Justice Symposium, Racial Justice Pledge, From the Blog: George Lakey How We Win, World Fair Trade Day, Action Highlight: Mayday Celebrations

April 16 Stand for Racial Justice, Stand with Kiah Morris, From the Blog: Being a PJC Intern, PJC Job Opening, Action Highlight: Rally for the Planet

April 2 CANBVT, Prospective Facilitator Gathering, From the Blog: Banana Land: Blood, Bullets, and Poison, 2019 Diversity Conference, Action Highlight: Next Steps Climate Walk

March 19  Voices for Palestine, From the Blog: We Have Work to do… and That’s Okay, Loving Day on TV, Action Highlight: No Nuclear Bombers in VT

March 5 Activist Award Celebration, Voices for Palestine, From the Blog: Anne Braden Anti-Racist Training Part I Reflection, Interracial Processing Project, Action Highlight: Gun Safety Prevents Suicides

February 19 Voices for Palestine, From the Blog: On Military Intervention In Venezuela, Action Highlight: Family Separation Protesters Muzzled

February 5 2019 Ed Everts Social Justice Activist Award Celebration, From the Blog: MERCY & Diary of Montgomery, Alabama Journey, Meet the Interns, Action Highlight: Montpelier Non-Citizen Voting

January 22 From the Blog: You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train, Action Highlight: Keep the Park Green! Tell ICE: Freedom for Beto!

January 8 Statement of Concern Regarding Antisemitism, MLK Day Celebrations, Action Highlight: A Call For Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement 


December 26 Voices for Palestine, Researcher Needed for Nuclear Weapons Project, From the Blog: Nobody is Above the Law – Why the Protests Must Continue

December 11 Voices for Palestine, Community Job Openings, From the blog: POC Activists Pen Open Letter to Bernie Sanders, PJC Show: People for Peace & Justice, Action Highlight: No Fossil Fuels Petition!

November 29 Donations for Homeless Population, From the blog: An Interview with Pierrevy Polyte: Coffee and Community, Human Rights Day, Action Highlight: Support Immigrants

November 13 Abolish Ice Legal Fees, Keep Families Together Fundraiser, Voices from Palestine, From the blog: Medea Benjamin, The Greatest Silence: Rape in Congo, Action Highlight: Yemen & Saudi Arabia

October 30 From the Blog: Tree of Life Attack, “White Right” film, and Community , Abolish Ice Legal Fees, Guerilla Girls, Armistice Day, Talking with Kids About Racism, Action Highlight: Tree of Life and Amazon Immigration Petitions

October 16 Abolish ICE Banner Drop, Voices from Palestine, From the Blog: Sexism, Intersectionality, and Action, Global Health, Conflict, and Social Justice,Action Highlight: Avoid Unethical Chocolate

October 2 Indigenous Peoples Day, A Well for Kunsi Keya Tamakoce, Voices from Palestine, From the Blog: Fair Trade and Racism, Chocolate Made by Child Slaves?, Action Highlight: Say “naw” to Kavanaugh

September 18 Inside Iran: Author Talk with Medea Benjamin, Voices from Palestine, From the Blog: New Interns, Bananas and War, Japanese Bombing Survivors Speak, Action Highlight: Voter Registration at Race Against Racism and Let Equality Bloom Festival

September 4 How Does it Feel to be a ProblemJoin us at Bluebird BBQFrom the Blog: Water Protector Statement for PrideYouth Activist SummitAction Highlight: 40 Days of Fire

August 21 Thank You Muslim Girls Making ChangeFrom the Blog: Vets for PeaceRefugee Resettlement Clothing DriveMueller Firing Rapid ResponseAction Highlight: No Confederate Flags at Fairs

August 7 Youth Activist Summit,Action Alert Email List, From the Blog: Abolish ICE Civil Disobedience, 40 New Members, Action Highlight: Resist “White Civil Rights”

July 23 No More Hiroshimas No More Nagasakis, From the Blog: Mindfulness and Activism, Action Highlight: Families Belong Together

July 10 Talking with Kids About Racism, From the Blog: An Endless Sea of Blue Like the Managua Sky, PJC Fall Internships, Militarism and Masculinity, Action Highlight: UVM Nurse Strike, Kenyan cooperative Denur Crafts

June 24 Frederick Douglass Reading, From the Blog: Why Become a Donor, Rebel Womxn in NOLA, Action Highlight: End Family Separation

June 12 Loving Day, Voices for Palestine, Nuclear Waste, Vermont Surveys, From the Blog: Celebration of African American Poetry, Celebrate Juneteenth, Action Highlight: Peace Treaty

May 29 Seeing & Disrupting Racism With Kids, Kids4Peace Program, From the Blog: A Space For People of Color, World Fair Trade Day, Action Highlight: Poor People’s Campaign

May 15 Seeing & Disrupting Racism With Kids, A Space For People of Color, World Fair Trade Day, Poor People’s Campaign

May 1 Vermont Peace  Conference: Register today to get  your top choice workshops, Fair Trade Conference, Voices for Change Youth Poetry, Ethnic Studies Bill

April 17 Vermont Peace Conference 2018, From the Blog:Why We March, Good News About the Pipeline, Action Highlight: Raise the Wage and May Day

April 3 Tax Day: Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, From the Blog: Teen Solidarity Against the Merchants of Death, Vermont Peace Conference 2018, Action Highlight: Social Justice Symposium

Mar 20 Social Justice Symposium, PJC Game Day From the Blog: Youth Journalism Trip, Action Highlight: Support March for Our Lives and Gun Reform

March 5 PJC’s Ed Everts Activist Award Celebration, March for Our Lives Buses to DC, From the Blog: Toxic Whiteness, A Divided America: What Can We Learn from the Nordics?, Action Highlight: Racial Equity Bill

February 20 Hunger Strike in Support of BLM, Nuclear Free Future, Building a Better Activist Conference, From the Blog: International Women’s Day, Action Highlight: F35s

February 6 SAVE THE DATE: Activist Award Celebration, Nuclear War and Weapons Film Week, From the Blog: Why I’m Bringing the PJC to my School, Bananas About the Fair Trade Internship, Action Highlight: Valentines Day Cards for Divine Chocolate

January 23 PJC Stakeholder Survey, Social Justice Symposium Call for Presenters, From the Blog: Reflection on March for our Future, Gunsense Hearings, Action Highlight: Everyone Loves a Parade Petition

January 9 March for Our Future, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, From the Blog: Racial Justice Workshop Reflections, Burlington Town Meeting Day, Question: F35s?, Action Highlight: Systemic Racism In VT


December 27 It’s Not Too Late to Donate!, PJC Internships!, From the Blog: The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa, Mueller Firing Rapid Response, Old Calendars Wanted, Action Highlight: NAFTA must change

December 12 March for Our Future, John Lewis: Get in the Way, From the Blog: Reflections on Gun Violence, New Board Members, Action Highlight: Rename the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award

November 28 #GivingDay, Watch “Through Survivors’ Eyes”, Shake Off!, From the Blog: Militarism Study Group, Dallas Goldtooth, Action Highlight: Fair and Impartial Policing

November 14 Raise the Wage, From the Blog: Empowering Women in Bulgaria to be Agents for Peace, Put the F35 on the Ballot, Action Highlight: MAT for Inmates

October 31 Through Survivors’ Eyes: Charlottesville, Greensboro and the Fight to Resist White Supremacy, Poor People’s Campaign, From the Blog: Poverty in an Unequal Economy, The Ghost of Lord Balfour, Action Highlight: Veterans for Peace petition

October 17 Poor People’s Campaign, From the Blog: Boo to Conventional Cocoa, Annual Meeting, Community events, Action Highlight – Don’t deregulate gun silencers

October 3 From the Blog: Poverty in an Unequal Economy, Race Against Racism, Community events, Action Highlight – respond to hate crime in NH

September 19 Welcome Neighbor Signs, From the Blog: Vets for Peace in Palestine, Piece of Cake for Peace, Community events, Action Highlight – respond to hate crime in NH

September 5 Internships, PJC Educational Programs, Stolen BLM signs, From the blog: Yemen Performance, Race Against Racism, Community events, Action Highlight – support Durham organizers

August 22 Hope for Haiti, Volunteer drafter, Stolen BLM signs, Job opening, From the blog: In Reflection of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s ‘We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party’, Sister Lucy Kurien, Action Highlight: Tell Trump you care about trade!

August 7 From the blog: How to Talk With Kids about Racism: The Importance of Starting Conversations Young, VT Speaks for Itself, Benefit Yoga Class, Action Highlight: Healthcare Rallies

July 25 Racial Justice Educational Programs, From the blog: Save Public Financing, Native Voices, Hiroshima, Action Highlight: Healthcare Rallies

July 11 No Preemptive Nuclear Attack on DPRK, New Website, From the Blog: Angela Davis book review: Persistent Resistance, Action Highlight: Say no to increasing the military budget

June 27 From the Blog: UN Conference to Ban Nuclear Weapons, Peace Grant, Reading Frederick Douglass, Migrant Justice Update, Action Highlight: Medicaid not Millionaires!

June 14 Join the Milk with Dignity March this Saturday, Peace Grant, Loving Day Dance!, Can the Bomb be Banned?, Action Highlight: Stop the Saudi arms deal

May 30 Beyond Vietnam: a Time to Break Silence, Welcome Kina, Action Highlight: Youth March, A Couple Loose Ends, Peace & Justice Store

May 16 From the Blog: Ben & Jerry’s: Friend or Foe?, Divestment works, New staff at PJC, Youth Activists, Action Highlight: Upcoming Marches

May 2 Your Bill of Rights in a Time of Resistance, From the Blog: Fair Trade inside a Banana Suit!, Reading MLK’s speech “Beyond Vietnam”, Action Highlight

April 18 Earth Day and Beyond!, Milk With Dignity, Mass Mobilization, Action Highlight: May Day March for Dignity

April 4 Building a World Beyond War: What Will It Take?, Employment, Milk With Dignity, March for Science and People’s Climate March, Amy Goodman, Action Highlight: Gender-free bathrooms and marijuana legalization

March 21 Support Human Rights in Vermont:Stop Migrant Deportation Rally, Symposium Registration Deadline, March for Science: DC and VT, Drone Resisters Acquitted, Activist Highlight

March 7 International Women’s Day, Raise the Wage, Criminal Justice, World Beyond War, Activist Highlight: TAKE ACTION TOMORROW: VOTE!

February 21 World Beyond War Conference and Symposium for Social Justice Action, NAACP events, March for Science, Activist Highlight: Indivisible

February 7 Chocolate for Valentine’s Day: At Who’s Expense?, Marches; rallies; and buses, IMVT2, How to Talk With Kids About Racism

January 24 Week of Action for Pipeline Resistance, Vermonters March in DC and Montpelier, PJC Spring 2017 Interns

January 10 Standing Rock Report Back Circle, MLK Day events, Music and Zumba benefits


December 27 Activist Award Ceremony and Party: Rising Tide VT, Mal Maiz, and Bill McKibben,  Women’s Marches: Washington & Montpelier, Universal Background Check Bill, Community Events

December 13 “One Bead at a Time” Book Event, Revolutionary Connection: Joanna Macy,Remembering those killed by Gun Violence

November 29 #GivingTuesday and #FairTuesday, Donations will be doubled this week, Women’s March on Washington, Shake Off Dance Party

November 15 Responding to Racism at Champlain College, Medea Benjamin at PJC, Myths of Thanksgiving, Kids book of Recycling

October 25 Making Peace: Internationally, Domestically, and in all our Campaigns for Change

October 11 Hurricane Matthew touches the PJC, Talk to Kids About Racism, PJC program facilitators, Halloween Chocolate

September 27 Border of Lights, Migrant Leader Arrested, World Beyond War, Heartfulness Meditation, Mercy Peace initiative Grants

September 13 North Dakota Pipeline, Mindfulness, Indivisible: A film about immigration, deportation, and love, Tarot Cards & Climate Change

August 30 My Experience at the PJC’s Racial Justice Workshop, World Social Forum, F 35 fight is far from over, Protect Geprags Park

August 16 #getORIENTED, Frederick Douglass Book, “Do Not Resist” film

August 2 Songs for Hope August 9, The Ultimate Wish, Rising to the Challenge

July 19 Oriented, PJC Internships, Frederick Douglass Reading

July 5 Pride Center hosts Nonviolent Activism 101, Gun Violence Sit In, Solidarity Healing, The Real Story Behind TWA Flight 800

June 21 Orlando, Frederick Douglass, Human Rights event at PJC and Victor Jara’s trial

June 7 Loving Day Vermont, PJC Job Opening, Film Police Commission Meetings, Syrian Refugee Benefit

May 24 PJC Classes Empower Vermonters, The Gods of the Hills, Vermonters Block Bomb Trains

May 10 Break Free Albany 2016, PJC Events this Wednesday, Smedley Butler

April 25 World Fair Trade Day Celebration, Hairspray Intersectionality, 2016 Penny Poll Results, Release Victor Diaz, Democracy Awakens

April 12 Alexis Lanthem Poetry Reading and Jazz Performance, VTJP Calls for Boycott, Racial Justice Books

March 29 Bert Thompson Remembrance, Criminal Justice Reform, Fair Trade Conference

March 15 Burton Collaborates with Playboy, Hiroshima Book Review, Middle School Conference, Democracy Spring

March 1 XOXO: An Exhibit about Love & Forgiveness, International Women’s Day, Beyond the Seal, Activism 101

February 16 We’re excited to support the showing of two powerful documentaries, Criminal Justice Reform, Fair Trade v Free Trade

February 2 Admitting Thai Slavery, Nestlé Refutes Cocoa Victims’ Testimony, Black History Month, Welcome PJC Interns, Activism 101 Workshop

January 19 Pass a Drone Resolution in Your Town, MLK Day Reflections, Donald Trump Follow-Up

January 5 Responding to Donald Trump: Events this Thursday in Burlington, Burlington Sister City, Francine’s Newest Role