Burlington, VT Chapter of WILPF

About The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

WILPF was founded in 1915 during WWI, with Jane Addams as its first president. WILPF works to achieve disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, and an end to all forms of violence. The Burlington VT Branch of WILPF has been active for 30+ years. We serve all Vermonters, working to create the political, social, and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom, and justice for all.

Our Branch meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Peace & Justice Center in Burlington. Meetings are free and open to all. Membership in WILPF is not required to attend our meeting, but your yearly support of $50 is deeply appreciated and gives you membership in WILPF US and the Burlington VT Branch of WILPF.


Activities of the Burlington, Vermont Branch of WILPF

The Burlington VT Branch of WILPF is an allied member of the Peace & Justice Center and an affiliate of WILPF US. The Burlington Branch’s goal is to work toward peace with other social justice and peace groups. Members have sponsored events and networking activities with many VT peace, environmental, and social justice groups, including:

  • Coordinating events in Commemoration of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
  • Producing a staged-reading of The Gods of the Hills, which addressed the “hot button” topic of energy production, from tar sands oil to industrial ridgeline wind tower, and raised issues of environmental justice;
  • Sponsoring an educational program, entitled Building Bridges or New Cold War? Demystifying the Stereotypes of Russia and her People;
  • Inviting local peace groups to hear Carol Urner on her Nuclear Free Tour;
  • Producing a staged-reading of Most Dangerous Women to educate Vermonters about a century of the women’s peace movement;
  • Collaborating with the Vermont Stands for a World Beyond Coalition to reactivate the peace movement in Vermont;
  • Collecting signatures on petitions to ban nuclear weapons and to support the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty;
  • Sponsoring the Building a World Beyond War:  What Will it Take? annual peace conference; and
  • Working to bring Hibakusha Stories (http://hibakushastories.org/) to Vermont schools, colleges, and universities as well as the general public.


For More Information

Robin Lloyd: [email protected] or 802-862-4929
Marguerite Adelman: [email protected] or 518-561-3939


For  information about WILPF US, visit:  http://wilpfus.org/

For information about WILPF International, visit:  https://wilpf.org/