Have you signed up for our upcoming workshop at the Brownell Library on May 25th?

Building Empathy and Addressing Racial Oppression strives to give participants the opportunity to build skills and knowledge to engage in conversations about oppression with the help of co-facilitators Francine Serwili-Ngunga and Kyle Silliman-Smith.

Our first session will look at the concept of white fragility, the struggle for dominant communities to tolerate discussions on race without feeling shame, guilt, or victimization. The second session dives into myths and stereotypes in order to identify subconscious bias and how these bias affect our daily lives. And our final session offers tools and guidelines for action in order to reaffirm our commitment to creating and supporting an anti-oppressive society.

Before attending our workshop at the O’Brien Community Center in Winooski, one participant wrote about why she had signed up.

“I am trying to live an anti-racist life and raise my son in such a way, which is so incredibly challenging as a white person, especially living in Vermont. I also hope to walk away with a shared experience with my spouse, and a shared language to continue this dialogue and action together as a family.”

Another participant wrote “It was meaningful because it made me think about the concepts of white fragility and use the word ‘racist’ more comfortably.”

Click here to sign up for the 3-part Building Empathy and Addressing Racial Oppression workshop starting May 25th at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction or call Kyle at (802) 863-2345 x6.