Last month, the Peace & Justice Center hosted an anti-militarism game night at the University Of Vermont Interfaith Center. It was a great success! The games included Jeopardy and Jenga with a trivia twist, incorporating questions about various different military and war concepts and events throughout history. Those participants described the event as “educational, informative, awakening, creative, and fun!”

These games will also be played at our Building a World Beyond War: What Will It Take? Conference on Saturday, May 12th. Until then, join us this Sunday, March 25th at the Peace & Justice Center from 12-2pm to play these games and give us your feedback! There will be free snacks, and participants who answer questions correctly in each game will get raffle tickets for our GRAND PRIZE drawing!

The Jenga competition includes trivia cards that connect militarism with the issues of racism, imperialism, climate justice, and patriarchy. The Jeopardy categories are Anti-War Activists, Women leading Peace Movements, U.S. International Atrocities, Police Militarization, Cost of War, and Anti-War Song Lyrics. If you don’t think you know much about these topics, don’t worry! You may know more than you think, and it’s also a great opportunity to learn much more about these important issues.

You can find the link to the Facebook event here to let us know if you’re coming. We hope you can join us!