There is so much happening both locally and nationally to speak out against our government’s response to immigrants. Here are some things you can do to support the cause:
1. Educate yourself on Migrant Justice’s law suit against ICE:
2. Support Local Civil Disobedience:
  • Read in VT Digger: “ICE protesters who blocked road seek OK to use necessity defense”
  • Donate to the defense fund
3. Learn about the New Sanctuary Coalition and support their Sanctuary Caravan to accompany migrants and asylum seekers at the border and at ICE hearings. 
4. Sign this petition from Win Without War asking Sec. Mattis to reject the illegal use-of-force order, and bring the troops home now!
5. Donate air miles. Lawyer Moms of America has been contributing airline miles and money to people in shelters along the border.
6. Organize and attend local fundraisers, events, and demonstrations in support of a compassionate response to the refugees. (Shout out to the Plainfield Community Action group that hosted a Solidarity Supper last weekend and raised $2,500 for Migrant Justice and RAICES!)

7. Let your congressional delegation know how you feel. Visit the U.S. House of Representatives website and enter your ZIP code to find out whom to contact. To reach your U.S. senator, go to the U.S. Senate website and choose your state