Military & Anti-War Videos

In the Peace & Justice Center’s Community Library we have a variety of films that people can check out. Here are some of the ones that relate to the Military & Anti-War Work:

What I’ve Learned about U.S Foreign Policy

2012 By Frank Dorrel


Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

2000, Free Will Productions

64 Minutes


2007, Dir. Roger Stahl
124 Minutes

Hell and Back Again
2010, Dir. Danfung Dennis
88 Minutes

Sir! No Sir!
2005, Dir. David Zeiger
84 Minutes

This is War: Memories of Iraq
2007, Dir. Gary Mortensen
84 Minutes

Gunner Palace
2004, Dir. Michael Tucker
87 Minutes

The Cost of War
2005, Veterans for Peace

The Ground Truth
2006, Dir. Patricia Foulkrod
78 Minutes

The Invisible War
2012, Dir. Kirby Dick
97 Minutes

Arlington West
2004, Dirs. Peter Dudar & Sally Marr
56 Minutes

Arlington West, Updated
Dirs. Peter Dudar & Sally Marr
60 Minutes

War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Us Spinnings
2007, Dirs. Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp, Narrated by Sean Penn
73 Minutes

The War Tapes
2006, Dir. Deborah Scranton
97 Minutes

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War
2004, Dir. Robert Greenwald
56 Minutes (2 Copies)

Trailer for Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War on TrailerAddict.

Why We Fight
2005, Dir. Eugene Jarecki
99 Minutes

2008, Dir. Kimberly Peirce
112 Minutes

Here are some other online videos that relate to Military & Anti-War Work:

Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising
2002, Dir. Denis Mueller
71 Minutes

VIEQUES… un largometraje
2000, Dir. William Nemcik
92 Minutes

VIEQUES… un largometraje from 80grados on Vimeo.

Unconstitutional – The War on Our Civil Liberties
2004, Nonny de la Peña
68 Minutes

Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror
2003, John Pilger
51 Minutes

On The Borders of Gardens
2000, David Ridgen
76 Minutes

Where Soldiers Comes From
2011, Heather Courtney
93 Minutes

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